Bethany believes in the Biblical Principle of the ‘5 fold ministry’ and recognizes the need

for the various ministries to function in the Church as described in Ephesians 4:11-13


Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven'

        The Church has Senior Pastors Bill & Sue Davidson         

Bill is from Peterhead, Scotland. His Life was radically changed when he asked Christ to be Lord and Saviour of his life. He was a Black belt Karate instructor, far from Christ, but within 3 months of making a commitment to Christ had left his well paid job with an American Oil Company and enrolled at Bible School.
On Completion of his Ministry Training he went to Africa as a Missionary. Bill ministers in many Nations of the World and is recognized for the apostolic office he operates in.


Sue was raised in a Christian Home in Swinton. As a child she was a cripple. She experienced God’s healing power as a 5 year old and felt the call of God on her life as an 18yr old. In 1977 she left Swinton and went to train for the ministry. It was whilst in training she met Bill. They have been married now for over 39years, Have 3 children and 9 Grandchildren. Sue has over the years traveled to many Nations and is recognized for the prophetic office she operates in.


  Pastor Elisabeth Godson

She served for many years as Sunday School Leader and Youth Pastor before being set apart as a the third member of the Pastoral team in 2014.  As well as pastoral care and ministry she is also music director of the Church Choir who perform at special events. She is mum to 4 children.


Elder & Deaconess

Bill, Sue & Elisabeth are assisted in the ministry by Elder Neil Carr. 

Neil was a drug addict far from God, he travelled round Asia getting high on drugs. One day whilst in his home town of Middleton he was walking through Jubilee Park when God revealed himself to him., He was delivered right there and then from his addiction and after a period of time he went and trained for ministry.


Grace Eden was set aprat to the office of deaconess in March 2008. She served with her husband Mar Mark who went home to be with the Lord Septermber 2008. They had been married for 28years and have 4 grown Children. Grace is also a member of the worship team.



Lesley Graham was set apart to office of deaconess in 2017. She is married with 4 grown children and has 11 grandchildren. Lesley is known for her compassion and makes home visits to the sick and the elderly. She has made many overseas mission trips to Africa and is currently building a school in Tanzania.



The leadership recognizes the various other ministries that operate in the Church eg. 
The Children’s Ministry,
The Musicians & Singers, 
Those who prepare Hospitality after each service. 
Those who maintain the Cleanliness of the Church, 
Those who fulfill the ‘Ministry of Helps.’
Those who devote themselves to Prayer for the ministry to succeed in Little Hulton.
Those who operate the Church audio & projection systems