Go Ye Ministiries

Bethany Family Worship Centre.. home of GO YE National Ministries


Go Ye National Ministries is a registered British Charity.

It was started over 32 years ago by Bethany 's Senior Pastors.

Its field of operation is 3rd World Nations.

It's purpose is to Serve ministries in poor nations.

Go Ye operates under the covering of established ministries to assist them in

Gospel Crusades, Pastors & Leaders Seminars, Conferences etc.

Go Ye helps with humanitarian assistance, and offers practical help and support.



Supports orphanage in Lome Togo ,

Supports day school in Lome





& Neufovay Togo

To support the Orphanage in Africa
Please send donations to
Go Ye Childrens Fund 
c/o Bethany Family Worship Centre
Kenyon Way, Little Hulton. M38 OEN

To support a Child's Education, Child Sponsorship Forms are available
from Bethany Family Worship Centre


Supports Pastors in Need in Togo , Ghana & Benin

To support a Pastor in one of these nations please
Contact Go Ye SPIN project at
Bethany Family Worship Centre
Kenyon Way, Little Hulton. M38 0EN

Go Ye has over recent years operated in Ghana ,Togo , Benin ,India ,Russia. Ukraine & Mongolia.