Bethany Family Worship




Children Matter and we believe in catering for the whole family , After a Communal time of worship the children go into Sunday School where they have singing, stories and activities. We recognise their different needs and abilities and will do what ever we can to help each child reach their full potential. 

Children aged 3-5  have as key worker Sarah Smith who is a nursery manager with Special needs training. Sarah serves in many areas of the Church and has traveled to africa with Elisabeth on many missions. 

Children 6-7 have as key worker Anne Bukin who worked for many years as a Classroom assistant in a school , She is now retired but remains passionate about the children in her care and over recent years has built a School in Tanzania.

Children 8 - 11 have as key worker Leslie Graham, For many years she was a Registered Child Minder. She has traveled often to Tanzania , touched by the lack of education, she and Anne have fund raised and built a school for a Masai Tribe.

High School Children have Pastor Elisabeth & Pastor Sue as their key workers.









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